Another Snowy Saturday

A light snow is falling softly today, quite the contrast to the howling blizzard we endured Christmas weekend.  The air has a damp, cold touch that encourages you to stay indoors, wrapped in a blanket, enjoying a good book.  

I opted for The Wild Vine.   A friend introduced this book at his Christmas party, which was as much wine-tasting as holiday gathering.  An evening of good friends, good food, good wine – exactly what the holidays should be all about, by my estimation.  I picked up a copy of the book shortly after his party and started reading it today.  According to the inside jacket, this is “a rich romp through untold American history”  and promises to be “the tale of a little-known American grape that rocked the fine-wine world of the nineteenth century and is poised to do so again”.   So far, so good. 

The book is a story of Norton, a grape native to America that some say is the only one to produce drinkable wine.   All the rage during the late nineteenth century, winning gold medals at wine-tasting events in Europe,  Norton was forgotten and nearly disappeared completely.  A few vineyards are beginning to grow Norton again, primarily in Virginia and Missouri.  I was lucky enough to sample a glass, thanks to my good friend’s efforts, and am now planning my own wine-tasting excursion to Virginia. 

And so I took a photo, with my cellphone, to share my snowy Saturday afternoon with  you.  The photo, taken with an Android X,  has only minimal processing.  The wine, alas, is not Norton!  I hope you are enjoying your Saturday afternoon as much as I am mine!