Icy Fire in the Trees

Icy Trees

Following my earlier post and later in the morning, the sun broke through the clouds for a few moments.  I just happened to turn around and saw this scene developing before my eyes.  I love the way icy trees look in the morning light – takes some of the sting out of shoveling for several hours to clear my driveway.

After shoveling for a bit, we took a break and enjoyed blueberries for a snack.  I love all types of fruit but blueberries rank very, very high on my “favorites” list.  These were exceptionally juicy and sweet – a great mid-winter treat!


Another Storm

Sunlight reflecting through ice

Another Nor’easter has passed over New Jersey, leaving us buried in a foot or more of new snow.  This one was warmer than our earlier storms and delivered considerable amounts of freezing rain and sleet before turning to snow.  This was the view from my deck as the early morning sunlight illuminated ice-covered trees.

Another December Storm

Looking Down My Street

Here’s the scene, looking down my street, I was greeted to yesterday morning at around 7 A.M.  The first nor’easter of Winter (and hopefully the last) brought over two feet of snow to my part of New Jersey.  Because I live so near the ocean (only about 10 miles as the crow flies) this storm was very intense as it passed by, with 50 mph winds, bizzard white-out conditions, and about 14 hours of snow.   Some parts of the state were reporting 80 mph wind gusts, so this was essentially a snow hurricane.  During a news conference yesterday afternoon, New York City’s mayor said this was the 5th worst storm in the city’s history.  I can believe it.  We had 5 foot high drifts and the wind was still blowing hard most of the day.  We share a driveway with our neighbors and it took us almost 5 hours to shovel out the cars.  Last year we had three storms, all of them nearly this large, within a two week period.  Here’s hoping that we don’t get a repeat this season!!