Theme 37 – Building

New Jersey Farm
New Jersey Farm

Hello!  I’m still working out my computer issues.  I have a new laptop, but the operating system won’t allow me to use my older version of Photoshop Elements.  So this photo has had zero processing – straight out of the camera.

I took this photo from one of my grassland bird survey points, a large privately-owned farm in northwestern New Jersey.   The survey protocols require a short wait period before beginning the bird count.  The wait period allows the birds some time to adjust to the presence of a human in their habitat, and hopefully return to their normal behavior.  It was about 6:30 AM when I snapped this photo, and the morning mist was just beginning to rise out of the fields.

Hopefully I’ll be able to devote a bit more time to photography now that the surveys are winding down.  I do need to locate photo software that will operate under Microsoft Vista 64-bit, and all suggestions are appreciated!!  Thanks for looking.