Getting Back Into the Mix

December 2009 Snow

My 2009 closed out with a big snow storm and more than a few unfinished projects.  My attempts at completing the 365 Photos in 2009 came up well short of the 365 photos I should have posted.  Still, I had fun and learned a few things along the way.  I visited the web sites of photographers from all over the world, enjoyed viewing their photos (even if I didn’t comment each time!) and learned a little about places that I may never have a chance to visit in person. 

I’ve decided to throw my virtual hat into the ring again and will participate in the 2010 Virtual PhotoWalk.  I’m looking forward to re-establishing my photography routines (which sadly have taken a back seat to so many other projects) and the links with the photographers who make the 2009 challenge so much fun!

Oh yeah.. the photo…this is my deck after the nor’easter of December 2009 that struck the eastern U.S. seaboard.  My part of New Jersey got about 2 feet of snow during the storm, one of the biggest snowfalls that I can recall since moving here 25 years ago!


Theme 338 – Triangle

Philadelphia Afternoon
Philadelphia Afternoon

 A few weeks ago I headed into Philadelphia with a friend to do some street photography.  I don’t know the city very well and have even less experience with street photography, so I was thrilled to get a guided tour of a historic part of Philly.  We spent most of the day walking and talking and getting to know each other and the city.  While we were taking a break in the shade near a national historic area, I noticed the scene above with a family sitting on a bench and the sunlight shining through at an interesting angle.

Theme 161 – It’s Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning
Saturday Morning

I was in Boston a couple weekends ago with my wife and son.  Saturday morning we decided to take a walk along the Freedom Trail and enjoy Boston by foot.  As we entered Paul Revere park, I noticed this fellow feeding the pigeons.  He’d tear a piece of bread from the loaf, and then slowly, deliberately tear it into smaller pieces and toss it to the birds.  I watched him for a while and took several photos.  He glance up at me once or twice and didn’t seem to mind that I was there, as long as I didn’t disturb his small charges.  So I kept a respectful distance and smiled, and he fed the pigeons.

Theme 326 – Things with Wings

Red-Tailed Hawk
Red-Tailed Hawk

My copy of Lightroom 2 has arrived and I got it loaded onto my computer over the weekend.  I’m reading my way through the 420+ pages of a training guide I picked up and hope to be working with some real photos soon.  In the meantime, I thought I would post a photo of a red-tailed hawk I photographed during a spring birding/photography outing.  This fellow flew into a nearby tree and was thoughtful enough to pose for quite some time.

It’s good to be back and I hope to have some new photos to post soon! 


Theme 37 – Building

New Jersey Farm
New Jersey Farm

Hello!  I’m still working out my computer issues.  I have a new laptop, but the operating system won’t allow me to use my older version of Photoshop Elements.  So this photo has had zero processing – straight out of the camera.

I took this photo from one of my grassland bird survey points, a large privately-owned farm in northwestern New Jersey.   The survey protocols require a short wait period before beginning the bird count.  The wait period allows the birds some time to adjust to the presence of a human in their habitat, and hopefully return to their normal behavior.  It was about 6:30 AM when I snapped this photo, and the morning mist was just beginning to rise out of the fields.

Hopefully I’ll be able to devote a bit more time to photography now that the surveys are winding down.  I do need to locate photo software that will operate under Microsoft Vista 64-bit, and all suggestions are appreciated!!  Thanks for looking.

Theme 163 – Kids These Days

Batter Up!
Batter Up!

Well, well.  I finally finished painting my the rest of the house looks like it needs a fresh coat of paint…sigh….

Painting will have to wait, though.  Spring is in full swing – literally – around here.  When I was growing up, a day at a little league game meant the boys played and everybody else watched.  Thank goodness times have changed.   These days I go to the ball park to watch my granddaughter play!  Here she is – waiting patiently for the next pitch.  She’s playing in her second season and, with two games and practice each week, is really busy.   I thought my weekends would free up a bit when painting was done, but with grandkids sports (my grandson is playing his first season of soccer) and bird population studies I may be busier than ever!

Theme 43 – Celestial Bodies

Moon ove Allaire State Park
Moon over Allaire State Park

Once again, I am slowly getting caught up on all the wonderful photos on the 365 blogs.  If I haven’t commented on your photos lately, please be patient. I’ve just discovered Google Reader and with it’s help,  I’m working my way through everyones blog!  I’m sitting here covered in spackle dust and fresh paint, waiting for the latest coat to dry.  Almost done…a little touch up and that’s it!  Yesterday, with temperatures in the 70’s,  the weather was too lovely stay indoors and paint, so I headed over to a local park for some hiking, birding and photography.  Walking through the pines, I noticed the moon was still high and looked great against the blue sky.  I wasn’t sure how the photo would work out, but I’m pretty pleased with the result.  Ahhh…back to painting!