Birding Again

American Bittern

I really enjoy birding (or bird watching, if you like that term better).  However, I had very little spare time to get outdoors and bird while I was completing my master’s degree.  That changed a couple weeks ago and I took my first opportunity to visit a favorite spot – Edwin Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.  The Refuge includes an eight mile wildlife drive that, sadly, was mostly closed for repairs.  However, there were still some really good birds along the parts that were open, including this very cooperative American Bittern.





3 thoughts on “Birding Again”

      1. Birds attract me a lot. To an extent that the sight of a new bird or a known bird something new makes me stop and grabs my complete attention 🙂 I cannot call myself a birder because i need to be more passionate for birding before wearing that badge on my chest 🙂 Can you suggest me a light weight binocular and appropriate magnification for random birding purposes?

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