Big Year Birding – Finish Line

Here’s the post about the last day of My New Jersey Big Year!

My New Jersey Big Year


Have you ever watched Sanderlings feeding along a wave line?  A wave comes in – they scurry up the beach.  Wave goes out – they chase it down, grabbing tidbits of food along the way.  And like this group of Sanderling I photographed yesterday, I am always a little amused as I watch them run up and down the beach.

Yesterday was an amazing, and nostalgic, day of birding.  Some time ago I decided to finish My New Jersey Big Year the same way I started, with a North Shore birding run.   Back on January 1st, 365 days ago, I started my big year alone in a cold parking lot in Belmar, New Jersey.  As I watched the sun rise above the frozen horizon,  I had little idea what the new year would bring.  The havoc of Superstorm Sandy had left some of the best birding locations in New Jersey, like Sandy Hook, inaccessible…

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