Greg’s World – Food!


For a long time now, cooking has been a fun and relaxing way to spend a cold weekend.  I’ve become much more interested lately, though, as my wife and I are more mindful of the hazards of processed foods and quick take-out meals.

I spent Sunday experimenting with a new (to me) recipe, chicken cacciatore.   This was my first real attempt at cooking this dish, which I have enjoyed numerous times while eating out.   There are a number of things I enjoy about living in New Jersey and chief among them is a seemingly endless selection of great diners and restaurants.

But as I am becoming more and more health conscious, I’m learning that eating out shouldn’t alway be my first choice.   So, I’ve been trying to expand my cooking beyond grilling burgers and hot dogs.

While searching the web for recipes, I stumbled upon a great website and blog – Simply Recipes.  As the title suggests, this blog provides suggestions for great meals with straight-forward recipes that someone like me (still finding my way) can follow.

Next time your in the mood for a home-cooked meal, check out Simply Recipes.   Oh, by the way, the chicken cacciatore was great!!


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