Damsels and Dragons

I have been noticing large numbers of damselflies and dragonflies lately.  I am not that great at identifying them, but I love to photograph them.   I learned recently that dragonflies in particular are protective of their territory and will come back to perch in nearly the same spot over and over.

Now, when I flush a dragonfly, I’ll hang out near the same spot and wait for it to return.  To my surprise, they really do tend to come back to the same spot.  When I approach them slowly, a step or two at a time, I’ve found that dragonflies are pretty tolerant of my presence.

I love the coloring of this damselfly, a bluet but I really have no idea which one.  I suppose I ought to dust of my dragonfly and damselfly guide and get busy learning to identify these interesting bugs.

In the meantime, if you know the identities of these three, could you leave a comment with the identification?  If it helps, I photographed them at Edwin Forsythe Wildlife Management Area in mid-July in southern New Jersey.   Thanks!

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