Our African Adventure – Wine Tasting and Stellenbosch

Graham Beck

Our adventure continued with a leisurely day spent traveling to Stellenbosch with several stops for wine tasting along the way.  Stellenbosch is located one of the finest, and perhaps most beautiful, wine regions in the world.   We had meant to start the day with a swim at a local water fall. But it was a grey, cool day and swimming didn’t seem as much fun as visiting several vineyards.

We drove through several small towns along our route and it seemed everyone had a vineyard.  Some large, others small – but grape growing dominated the area.  Even with the clouds, the mountains made for incredible scenery.

I can say honestly that we tasted amazing wines at every stop.   Graham Beck, however, had the very best sparkling wine (champagne) that we tasted on our trip.  You can find several of Graham Beck wines here in the States, at least here in New Jersey.

We purchased several bottles of Arabella wines, another beautiful location with great wines.  The vineyard was surrounded by pastures filled with horses.  We’ve searched and searched for Arabella wines here in New Jersey, but with no luck.  We managed to bring home a couple bottles, carefully packed in our suitcases, and have held onto one – saving it for a special occasion.

The clouds never relinquished their hold as we finished our drive to Stellenbosch.  The scenery was still amazing, but I would have loved to see these mountains against a blue sky!

We arrived at our destination, the Stellenbosch Hotel,  late in the afternoon.   Stellenbosch is a college town, not unlike many other quaint college towns found here in the States, with plenty of shops to explore.  We spent most of the following morning shopping for gifts for making our final drive to Cape Town.

5 thoughts on “Our African Adventure – Wine Tasting and Stellenbosch”

    1. We had fantastic weather for the trip – but this was one day that the sun simply refused to put in an appearance. We’re still looking for Arabella wines, especially their reds – some really good wine!!

    1. Thanks Ron. Wine tasting was a special treat for Karen and me – we enjoy visiting local vineyards where ever we go. There are several here in New Jersey and nearby in Pennsylvania. Some folks don’t like locally produced wine, but we’ve there are several skilled winemakers in our area and several interesting grapes you won’t find in the corner market.

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