Our African Adventure – Addo Elephant National Park

Our next stop was Addo Elephant National Park, established in 1931 when only 16 elephants remained in the area.  There are now over 550 elephants living in this protected habitat, along with lions, buffalo, rhino, hyena, and a variety of antelope and zebra.  We arrived in the early afternoon and took a ride through the park.

Our first ride through the Park was very successful – we found ostrich, zebra, and elephants – lots and lots of elephants.  We remained safely in our vehicle as the majestic creatures walked right by our windows.  Apparently, the animals don’t associate people with vehicles, or visa versa, and we were able to get amazing views.

We took a night-time ride through the park and got our only looks at hyena.   It was very dark and this was our best photo of them as they ran back and forth by our vehicle.

We were up early the next morning for an sunrise ride through the park.  We didn’t know what to expect, but the Park did not disappoint.

Lions were just finishing a nighttime meal and were relaxing right next to the road.  Yes, we were really this close!  As we looked around the vehicle, we also found several jackals circling the kill.  They were waiting patiently for the lions to retreat to the bush so that they could rush in for a quick bite.

Addo was an incredible experience – lots of animals and beautiful landscape.   The South African national park system can be proud of their efforts here to not only save the elephants, but also create a protected habitat for several other species of animals.

8 thoughts on “Our African Adventure – Addo Elephant National Park”

  1. Elephants are officially my favourite animals – Mainly cause I seem to be able to see their souls through their eyes. Would like to have seen some more Flapears. But that Jackal, diligently plying his trade is among the best Wildlife shots I have ever seen. Why didn’t you take me to be your camera Bearer BHwana?

    1. Ron…If you like elephants, than Addo is the place for you. We saw lots and lots of them. The Jackals were cool, though. We could listen to them calling each other at night. Another amazing night.

    1. Thank you..it was a beautiful morning. We had lightning and a brief shower that morning and the sky was filled with broken clouds – made for a beautiful sunrise. I have several photos, but like this one.

  2. That looks like such an amazing experience. You must have been pretty overwhelmed with everything you saw.

    That is also an incredible statistic about the restoration of the elephant population.

    1. Hey Julie..seeing these animals in their natural habitat was incredible. Like a zoo in reverse..we were in the cage and the animals were rooming about. Our guides talked about the work being done at Addo..they don’t have it perfect yet, but the folks there are dedicated and working hard…can’t ask for much more.

  3. This is one amazing trip. I love every photograph and every word you have so generously shared with us! Thanks you so much! I feel like I’m reading an Issue of National Geographic.

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