Our African Adventure – The Wild Coast

The morning after our amazing dinner in Malealea dawned cloudy and cold.  We had an early breakfast, by candle light, and headed off for our next destination – the Wild Coast.  After nearly 10 hours and several hundred kilometers (the last 70 of which were on a dirt road), we arrived at the Mazeppa Bay Hotel in time for dinner and bed. 

With no planned activities for the day, we set off the following morning to explore. Our hotel was set among a large grove of banana palms and was a beautiful sight from the beach. 

The Indian Ocean was a beautiful sight in the morning sun. Karen and I removed our shoes and waded along in the surf.

We had been warned that we would not have the beach to ourselves and that the other beachgoers out did us in both size and numbers. We found them almost immediately – cattle – lots and lots of cattle shared the beach. We found them almost everywhere as we hiked up and down the beach. While we didn’t have any problems, a couple of our travel mates reported a less-than-friendly bull had taken exception to their use of a beach and had, ummmmm, encouraged them to move on.

We spent most of the morning exploring a rocky island not far from the hotel. It was a beautiful location accessible only by a swinging bridge.  To get to the main part of the island required passing through a large boulder field. It was slow going but the views made the trip worthwhile.


Looking back toward the hotel from the highest point on the island – beautiful!

We noticed several fishermen along the way. Only later did we learn that the Mazeppa Bay was known for outstanding shark fishing. Later in the evening we would meet several folks who were there just for the fishing, and the bar had several photos of large sharks that had been taken just off coast.

We were in search of smaller game and spent most of the day exploring several tidal pools found among the rocky shoreline. The coast reminded me a bit of Maine, with large boulders and rocky alcoves – and tidal pools everywhere.

As we walked back to the Hotel, passing through the Banana Palm grove, we noticed movement in the trees. We were being watched closely by Vervet monkeys – a small family lived near the Hotel and we would see them jumping from tree to tree or, at times, running along the grounds.

Mazeppa Bay was a beautiful location and having a free day with no planned activities was just the right touch.  We settled in for the evening tired and a little sunburnt, but very relaxed and happy.

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