Living with Kittens

We’ve had Sis and Bert for a little over a week now and it is beginning to feel like they’ve always been here.  Sis gave us a little scare – she wasn’t eating much and seemed to always throw up every little bit.   A quick trip to the vets office revealed that the flea and worm treatments she had received before we adopted her may have been too strong for her tiny body.  The vet gave Sis a special food, available only by prescription, and it really seems to have turned her around.  Now she’s eating and playing and sleeping just like a healthy kitten ought to.

Bert and Sis Like Naps

We learning to kitten-proof the house, keeping doors and toilet seats closed and putting breakable things on the highest shelves.  Even so, Bert has a knack of getting into mischief.

Bert Surfs the Web

They really are so much fun – nothing like having kittens in the house again!

7 thoughts on “Living with Kittens”

    1. Hey Laura…kittens are great and even better when they are related (ours are sister and brother). They play constantly. They are also indoor cats (though they don’t know it yet)!

      1. Looks like the kittens are already ruling the house (and the computer) lol So the attitudes begin…

        They are adorable!

  1. I think it was a cat who invented the first Stradivarius. It took one look humans and thought ” hummmm… I’d like to play with that.”

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