New Members of the Family


I have been a ‘cat person’ for years.  My Mom kept cats as pets and I have always been very fond of them, too.   My favorite cat, Molly, passed away a couple years ago at the ripe old age of 21.  More recently, my stepson’s cat Boots passed away after nearly 20 years.  We agreed that it would be appropriate to wait a few months before deciding if we should bring another cat into the family.  

The question was answered this weekend with not one, but two beautiful kittens.   We adopted them from the local SPCA and as far as we know they are litter mates, brother and sister.  They both have extra toes on their front paws and the male lost a little bit of his tale during some unknown accident.  They’re both full of energy, wrestling around the livingroom at every chance.  It is great to have kittens in the house again.

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