Ice Storm

Winter took an icy turn this week with not one, but two ice storms.   In some ways, we should count ourselves lucky since most folks got much, much worse – in ice and snow – than we got here in New Jersey.  Still, the storm-of-the-week club is getting pretty tiring.  Thank goodness that Groundhog didn’t see his shadow!!

6 thoughts on “Ice Storm”

  1. Stunning!! Usually we don’t see snow and ice together like that. Looks like you caught it at the perfect time. They cancelled Groundhog Day here for the first time ever. Poor little guy would have had to come out of 20 inches of snow which was a bit much even for the plows!!

    1. Mostly it is like a very, very cold rain storm that freezes to every surface. The scary part starts when you get around 1/2 inch of ice accumulation – trees and powerlines start to fall from the weight of the ice. In cities, ice also falls from buildings injuring pedestrians. Not fun.

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