Tired of White – Let’s Try Green

Green Frog

White.  My entire world seems to have turned to white.  And I’m told to expect another 3 or 4 inches of white tonight, followed by lots of ice and rain. The weekly winter storm is arriving right on schedule.  In some ways (and if the forecast holds true), this storm won’t be a bad as it could have been, except for maybe the ice part.  If the ice hold off, this storm is supposed to bring almost an inch of rainfall – a little colder and that would have meant about 12-14 inches of snow.  The downside – if it really comes as ice – trees, powerlines, and telephone towers will be coming down all over the state. One weather report is calling for a “catastrophic ice storm”.  Catastrophic!  What’s that like – a descent into the seventh level of winter hell?

Enough of white – I’m going to start thinking about green.  Green grass, green leaves, and green frogs.  I snapped this photo on a wonderfully warm day last July while in the Delaware Water Gap.   My wife and I were walking along a large pond and green frogs were jumping about – it seemed from every corner.  This frog patiently waited for me to set up my camera and take several shots before sinking below the surface.   I love the textures and colors of the pond’s surface, all covered in small aquatic plants. 

The frog is cool too, if you happen to like frogs.  Green frogs are pretty common in New Jersey.   I enjoy listening to them as they call, especially when I’m out birding early in the morning or late in the evening while I’m hiking through the pine barrens.  It won’t be long before they’re singing again.  Just a few more weeks of white and then – green.

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