A Long Drive This Morning

This was the view I enjoyed through my car’s windshield this morning, for nearly two hours.  This long predicted storm fooled forecasters at all major weather  services here in New Jersey and dumped about 4 inches of snow in about an hour, snarling traffic and causing numerous accidents.  I took this photo with my cellphone, about a block from my office, while sitting completed stopped in traffic once again.

5 thoughts on “A Long Drive This Morning”

  1. Oh yuck! We had 6″ of snow last weekend, but now we have been on a gradual warm up…40 degrees by Friday (that should melt some of that snow)…hey maybe our good fortune will head your way next! Not to brag or anything but we already have blue skies with the sun shining brightly! 🙂

  2. I love these reminders as to why I left New England! One time Carl and I were headed for Florida and one of these storms hit while we only as far as Maryland. It took us six hours to get through a state that normal one can pass in a blink!

    Your cell phone did a great job capturing this!

  3. I’d hate to have to drive in those types of conditions and thankfully generally don’t. The recent floods kept me firmly fixed at home! Am going to a part of Australia where there is snow hope it isn’t early coming!

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