Two Months and Counting

Two months from today, if all goes well and our plans hold true, my wife and I will arrive in Johannesburg to begin our amazing South Africa adventure.  We are shoulder deep into the planning phase, booking flights, confirming reservations, checking (one more time) for the travel agent the way our names appear on our passports. 

The tour operator has placed significant restrictions on the weight of our baggage, limiting us to no more than 15 kilograms (or about 38 pounds) of luggage, each.  So now my wife is on a mission to identify and procure the lightest possible backpacks and suitcases.  Much to my surprise, she’s found a suitcase that weighs in at about 6 ounces!  And she made me watch an online video, from the same company, on how to pack this suitcase with 6 pairs of pants and 10 shirts and still keep the total weight under 25 pounds.  Good news for me since, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, my camera gear probably weighs as much as my baggage.

And so the countdown continues as anticipation of our great adventure grows.  We’ve ordered our last remaining vaccines and an anti-malarial drug, to be taken daily as recommended during the travel consultation with our doctor.  It makes me wonder what the medical recommendations are for someone coming from South Africa to the United States.  And does everyone living there take anti-malarial drugs every day?  Can’t imagine that’s going to happen!  Still, my luck, the one infected mosquito in the whole country will find a way to nail me within 15 feet of the plane.  Don’t care – I am going anyway.

Two months and counting :-).

One thought on “Two Months and Counting”

  1. I didn’t even think about the vaccines and drugs required to go over there, makes sense though! I think if I were you I would keep your wife…sounds like she is gong to be the “sensible packer”….she has no equipment lol

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