Another Day at the Shore

Red Crossbill

Steve (of Recycled Photons) and I spent Sunday birding New Jersey’s North Shore.  For birders, the North Shore is a series of freshwater pond, river inlets, and oceanside parks extending southward from Sandy Hook to the Manasquan River inlet.  We had great luck chasing down several winter rarities, including this Red Crossbill.  I photographed this fellow and his companion at a small oceanside park.   According to Cornell University’s All About Birds website, the Red Crossbill ”is a stocky finch dependent on the seed cones of mature coniferous forests.  Its peculiar bill allows it to access the seeds that are its main food”.  Steve and I saw both Red and White-winged Crossbills on Sunday, along with several other bird species, and I was able to get some decent shots of this guy.  Steve has other photos on his blog that you should check out, including photos of the White-winged Crossbill.

Sea Girt Lighthouse

Sea Girt Lighthouse is on the North Shore route and I snapped this photo for Tammy as Steve and I were head out for birding along the beach.  It’s relatively small for an oceanfront lighthouse, but I thought you might like it. 

5 thoughts on “Another Day at the Shore”

  1. Oh, I more than like it! That wrap around porch really adds so much personality to the lighthouse….very cool!

    I love that first shot as well…Besides the beak, does this guy look similar to a finch…might be a little bigger? I love how you captured the evergreens w/ the pine cone as well, this could be a postcard!

    1. Hey Tammy…to my eye, crossbills are about the same size as goldfinch..maybe a little more stocky but basically the same size. They also have that familiar finch flight pattern, oscillating up and down as they fly away. Thanks for the comments!

  2. Are you doing that birding challenge this year too? It sounds like a fun challenge. And one that you could blend with the 365 photos challenge.

    The lighthouse is really different. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one which was integrated with the keeper’s house.

    1. Hey, not this year. I just discovered it on Steve’s site and plan to join the club and participate next year, though. It sounds like a really cool idea.

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