A Recommendation or Two

The stir created by my lunar eclipse photos landed me on the Freshly Pressed page and I have been remiss in thanking WordPress.  I want to correct that oversight today –  Thank You!   For those who missed it, here’s an image of the Freshly Pressed page shortly after my photos went global – at one point I was receiving almost 3000 hits per day, a thrilling experience for me.

Through this experience I was introduced to several bloggers, literally from around the world, and re-established links with others who have stuck with me through my erstwhile blogging attempts.  Over the last few days I have been re-designing my blog and (slowly) putting links to the blogs I now read on a daily basis, even if I don’t always leave a quick comment – and I’m working on that part too!  I hope you find them as interesting and enjoyable to read as I do:

Danudin’s 2011 Challenge – Ron is always quick with a comment or a joke, in true Aussie style, and maintains a cool photo challenge website. 

This Moment Exactly –  My first attempts at photo blogging led me to Julie, who was one of the administrators of the 2009 challenge.  Like me, she has move away from the photo challenge format and has created this new blog.

A Slice of Life 2011 – Photo blogger extrodinare, Tammy is into her third year of photo blogging and never fails to delight and surprise!

Recycled Photons – Steve is a fellow New Jersey resident, birder, and photographer (and friend) who maintains this great blog.

Somewhere in NJ – Through Steve, I met Laura and discovered that she’s also a photographer, birder, and another great New Jersey blogger. 

The Slowvelder –  Jackie is a South African and blogger I met during the response to my lunar photos.  She blogs about her adventures of moving back home, from Europe, to start a new “slow life” in rural South Africa.  Since I plan to visit South Africa in March, Jackie has been wonderful about answering all my questions, large and small, about her incredible homeland.

2Summers – I’ve just started reading this blog, which I found through a link on Jackie’s blog, and I really like it.  Another South Africa blog, 2Summers is the “adventures of an American suburbanite in quirky Johannesburg“.  Give it a try!

I plan to add other blogs as time permits – of course, if it keeps snowing here in New Jersey I may have more time for blogging than any of my other pursuits.  Thank you for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “A Recommendation or Two”

  1. You are so nice…thanks so much for the nice words…now i have to go look at some of the other blogs I have not visited (you are going to get me hooked on more)!

  2. I didn’t know you’d made Freshly Pressed but it doesn’t surprise me at all!

    Thanks for the shout out and for giving me some new blogs to enjoy….

    I like your new look a lot. The banner image is a treat.

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