What Day Is It Again? Thursday?

South Africa

I started a draft of this post Monday morning.  Honestly, I sometimes wonder how I get so busy that the better part of a week slips by before I get back to my favorite pursuits.   Well, enough of that.

I took another big step toward planning for my South Africa trip today – shots!  Yep, shots.  Now, most of them had little to do specifically with my trip to South Africa.  However, during a travel planning visit with the wonderful folks at the University’s clinic I discovered that some of the vaccines I had received as a child needed to be boosted.  Apparently, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) here in the States determined that many of these vaccines don’t provide lifetime protection as originally expected.  And, because recommendations have changed over the years, there were some vaccines I had never received.  Not any more.  I am (mostly) up-to-date and have the achy arms to prove it.
In a stroke of good fortune, it turns out that the clinician had also been to South Africa on safari with her partner and had wonderful things to say about her experience, the people, and the wine.  We agreed to stop after work one evening, along with her partner and my wife, for a glass or two of wine and stories from their trip.  I can’t wait.
I picked up a copy of Frommer’s South Africa and have been thumbing through the pages.  The more I read, the more excited I get.  Working with the travel agent, we’re deciding on our flight plans, whether to spend an extra day or two on either (or both) ends of the trip, and options for some of the side trips.  Having done a driving vacation before, I am leaning toward building in a little downtime (or at least not having every day packed with scheduled trips).  I really want to have time to just walk around and soak up the experience.  Otherwise, like this week, it’ll be over before I realize it and I’ll be back on a 17 hour flight for home.

2 thoughts on “What Day Is It Again? Thursday?”

  1. You are making me even more jealous (and even more excited to see your pics)!

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog. 🙂

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