Beginning A New Year


January 2nd, 2011.  Another holiday season, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, have come and gone.  The house is quiet today, the first day without guests or grandchildren in almost two weeks.  I miss it already.

Today we begin the “de-holiday-fication” of the house.  Empty containers will be brought down from the attic, filled with singing Santa dolls, holiday plates and glasses, leftover wrapping paper, and returned to waiting for another year.  Holiday photos, chronicling the passing of my grandchildren’s years through annual visits with Santa, are carefully wrapped and stored away.
And then the decorations will be removed the tree, along with needles that seem to fall at the very slightest touch.  After the decorations, and  many of the needles, have been removed, I’ll drag our Christmas tree through the snow to a collection point.  There it will wait, with several other discarded trees, for the township’s recycling truck.
The passing of the holiday season is always somewhat melancholy for me, more so this year I think because this was the first since my father’s passing.  His birthday fell in the middle of the holidays; something he loathed because he felt that it somehow diminished the significance or importance of his special day.  As a child, he was often given a single gift, we were told, for both Christmas and his birthday.  Feeling cheated for all those years, he made sure that we, his children, knew the importance of celebrating both events individually and separately.  For years, I would wait a couple of days between mailing cards and packages, to ensure that his Christmas gift would arrive on a different day that his birthday gift.  It was a little thing, but important.  He never mentioned it, but I think he noticed the effort. 
So now we face this new year with hope and expectation.  My wife and I, through her great fortune and good luck at contests, are planning a trip to South Africa for late Winter (their late Summer).  It is the trip of a lifetime for us and we are diving headfirst into the planning – picking flights, examining the itinerary and (optional) side trips, and reading over travel guides and websites.  The trip will consist of two weeks traveling from town to town in a 12 passenger bus, and the weight restrictions on baggage are quite severe.  My camera gear alone weighs the allowable limit for one bag.  Decisions, decisions.  Do I take photos or do I want to be able to change clothes, bathe and shave while I’m there?  No doubt, you can sense my dilemma!  Many, many more decisions, large and small, await us during the planning of our trip and I am savoring each of them.  Trying to go slow is, in many ways, like asking a child to slowly unwrap a long-awaited gift from Santa.  But I will try! 
May your New Year bring you good health, happiness, and fortune and the time to enjoy family, friends, and (perhaps) a glass or two of wine!

5 thoughts on “Beginning A New Year”

  1. How VERY exciting! That sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Maybe you could share some of your wife’s contest secrets???? 😉 I’ll vote for taking all your camera gear and a toothbrush. Maybe your wife won’t agree though!

    I know the holidays can be bittersweet after the loss of a loved one. Keep your happy memories close and each year will get easier….

  2. I love how your image depicts memories as a child and how it relates to memories of your dad! We did the same thing w/my grandma for bday and Christmas gifts (her birthday was on Christmas as well)…you conjured up many beautiful memories for me as well!

    I am so jealous of your trip….that is definitely a trip of a lifetime! I agree w/ Julie, camera gear and a toothbrush! 🙂 Looking forward to some pictures (hint/hint)! 🙂

  3. The image reminds me of a Stephen King Book, The trip sounds wonderful and I would opt for the camera, who needs clean clothes or showers? I love the insight into you Dad who you must miss so much!

  4. Happy new year Greg! If you or your wife would like to ask any questions regarding your trip to SA please dont hesitate to ask(just leave a comment on my blog or find me on FB – jackie hills) I would love to help and remember my offer of coming to visit me on my game farm.

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