Winter Solstice 2010 – A Full Moon

Winter Solstice Full Moon 2010

A full moon on the winter solstice is interesting enough, but to have a lunar eclipse on the same night hasn’t occurred in almost 450 years.  I took this photo just hours before the eclipse and hope to add a photo of that event later tonight.

6 thoughts on “Winter Solstice 2010 – A Full Moon”

    1. On the East coast of England it was a very close thing. At the time of the total eclipse the moon was due set. Street lights interferred with the final moments but it was a great start to the day. Roll on the next act at about 11,30 GMT

  1. Wow! Fantastic shots. Thanks for showing me something I didn’t get to see. We got up at 3AM and went out in icy air–but the sky was cloaked with dense clouds, so no moon was to be seen.

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