2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse


As promised, here is a photo taken mid-eclipse, or about 3:15 AM eastern standard time (USA).  The moon had a very nice, orange-red glow.

Nearing the edge of Earth's shadow

Another photo taken about 25 minutes later, as the Moon approached the edge of Earth’s shadow.

143 thoughts on “2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse”

  1. Thanks Ron..it was crystal clear and cold..felt so good to be up and out at 3 AM to observe the night sky again..it has been years! Sorry you were clouded out!

  2. Impressive! I like the way that there are even stars in the photo. We had total cloud cover, thus impossible to even sneak a peak… this is in a part of the country that hardly ever has a cloud in the sky. Thanks for getting out there and sharing the photos so quickly.

  3. Thanks everyone. Normally the east coast is clouded out for these types of events, so having clear skies throughout was a pleasant surprise.

  4. Thanks for posting these pictures! Living in a city means I couldn’t find an unobstructed view without any light pollution. Did the moon completely disappear or was there a halo?

  5. Ahhhh, thank you for the bliss. It was a cloudy sky in my neck of the woods so what I got to see was ‘through the veil’ so to speak. I knew it was happening though because the clouds went from bright to black. Not the same as your bright orange orb, but pretty darn cool nonetheless to know what was going on behind the curtain.

  6. Great pics! It was beautiful here in New Mexico too. I was able to get video footage of it and some pictures too. Such an amazing experience! Just think of how many millions of people were watching the same thing. A moment of unity 🙂

  7. Wow, what a beautiful picture!!! What kind of camera are you using? Fortunately for me over in Washington state, it was pretty cloudy so I really only got to see the second half… all of 10 minutes or so 🙂

  8. I really wish I got to see it! I stayed up last night just so I could…but it was cloudy where I was. Glad I got to see some pictures! thanks for posting 😀

  9. Thanks for the beautiful photos. We were shivering in the wind and the camera only shows an orange blob. The stars were so bright next to this orange moon, I was glad I had stepped outside to see. Thanks again for beautiful photos of this extraordinary event.

  10. It’s awesome!! I’d love to see that but unfortunately it wasn’t visible where I live. Only during the moonset but there wasn’t so much to see at the point.. :/
    Thankfully I saw the lunar eclipse in 2008 (I think) so I had my share I guess!
    Thanks for the pictures by the way. They are great!!!

  11. Such a wonderful picture!! I saw it in the morning in Norway and got som picture from my compact camera. Love your picture 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Really great photos Greg! Down here in Australia we missed nearly all of the eclipse so it is a real treat to see such clear images. Of course down under it is the Summer Solstice for the full moon- just as unusual.

  13. Beautiful photos! I did see it live and my husband took a few pictures, but our camera isn’t nearly as good as yours. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ellen…I never expected the level of interest..I knew I had some pretty good shots, but the response has been pretty incredible.

  14. I stood in my boyfriend’s driveway for about an hour with my head craned back, watching the sky and the moon. It was gorgeous and cold and awe inspiring, and this morning my back was *MESSED UP*. One day I’ll get the kinks out of my back; one day. In the meantime, it was glorious.

  15. Looks like you had a really clear sky. I got my telescope and camera mount out but it was so hazy you couldn’t even see the stars here. I got fairly decent shots considering, but I’m jealous of yours. Just as it reached totality here it clouded over. But I got it on “film”.

  16. Great pic. It was an amazing experience to be honest. Attempted to take pictures myself but without the right camera it turned out blotchy and small. Glad you posted on this.

  17. These are the best pictures I have seen. Most other shots have always included other ground level objects. Your shots create the feeling that there’s nothing else but the moon and the stars. Nicely done and thank you for sharing.

  18. Thank you for sharing these great images. Like so many others it was completely clouded over all night where I was at, and I missed the chance of seeing it in person. At least this way I get to see some nice pictures.

  19. Thanks for posting the pictures! We had so many clouds that it was hard to see anything but orange clouds. 🙂
    We were outside, but it just wasn’t as nice as seeing the eclipse.
    Thanks for showing them!

  20. well if i knew this was going on i would have been outside in the freezing snow to watch it all. It’s pretty actually.(Its kinda embarrasing to say when your a guy.) lol 🙂

  21. Beautiful pictures. I watched about 3/4 of it with binoculars, it was amazing. I also stayed up the night before the eclipse by mistake and was sorely disappointed (and tired the next day). 🙂

  22. wow those are amazing! Unfortunately I was in LA. All I’ve seen the past week is rain.water.rain.water. never ending.
    Amazing shows by mother earth should really be scheduled around non-storm days.

  23. All i can say is amazing. Unfortunately we’re not be able to witness that in our country. So good to know that i can be able to see an actual picture of it.

  24. A friend told me about the eclipe the day after it happened but I did notice the full moon that night and it was a Monumental site to behold… Loved the images you captured! Many Thanks…

  25. Having been “into” astronomy as far back as I can remember of my five decades on Earth, the Moon is still as mysterious and enchanting as ever. Especially during a total eclipse, which I think is a harbenger of mystical changes to come.
    I also played in a band called The Total Eclipse…they are still playing to the moon.


  26. You are SO lucky to have been able to seen and capture this eclipse! I documented it until about 1/2 of the moon was dark, but then a heavy cloud cast blocked the view of the moon completely! )=

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