More from my day at the Shore


A few more photos from my Sunday at the Shore.  This little fellow kept running past me, as Sanderling will do.

GBB Gull and Turnstone
Greater Black-backed Gull & Ruddy Turnstone

This Greater Black-backed Gull was enjoying some fresh fish, while a Ruddy Turnstone stayed close by looking for any opportunity to run in for a quick bite.  These Gulls are very, very large and will prey on smaller birds if given a chance.  The Turnstone kept a respectful distance but didn’t run too far away.

Photographers and Birders

It seemed to me that these folks were paying a lot of attention to this group of Turnstones.  Then I noticed the smaller, darker birds.

Purple Sandpiper with Ruddy Turnstones

A Purple Sandpiper was hanging out with this flock of Turnstones.  Purple Sandpipers are rare visitors to the Jersey Shore, but can often be found at Barnegat Lighthouse.


5 thoughts on “More from my day at the Shore”

  1. ok, happened upon your blog because I wanted to see your Lunar exclipse photos and lo and behold you’re a birdwatcher. My husband and I are avid. I started by blog with plans of talking about food and birdwatching…but has ended up to be more about food. Would like to change that up abit in 2011. Did you hear about our Ross’s Gull? Not a bad life bird 15 minutes from home. 🙂 (Denver) Look forward to more of your posts. I’ll subscribe.

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