False Reindeer Lichen

False Reindeer Lichen

A I mentioned in earlier posts, the Pinelands Preservation Alliance guides took time to point out several lichen during our walk.  They referred to this as False Reindeer Lichen and it grew abundantly among, around, and under other plants like a beautiful blue-green carpet.  

False Reindeer Lichen

When I took a closer look I noticed that the lichen branches in several directions and develops small dark colored spore caps at the ends of each branch.  Unlike British Soldier, False Reindeer Lichen is difficult to overlook and at this particular location was pretty abundant.

3 thoughts on “False Reindeer Lichen”

  1. I am really enjoying this series…I have learned so much by your posts and always look forward to the next one!

  2. So glad the shots you provide include wide shots and closeups. I really get a perspective on what the plant looks like in the wild. The closeup shows great detail (I can really see those red tips!). I feel like I am on the field trip too!

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