Spring is on the way!

Grassland Survey - Lakehurst NAS

I am so incredibly happy that this winter is finally coming to a close.  Unusual for me.  I typically enjoy all seasons and continue with my outdoor activities – hiking, birding, photography can be done anytime really.   This winter was challenging on several fronts with a combination of extraordinarily snowy weather and probably the worst cold I’ve had in years.   So I’m happy this year to kick February and the first part of March to the curb and start gearing up Spring.

 Good news arrived in the form of an e-mail a few days ago.  The New Jersey Audubon Society has begun planning for the grassland bird surveys and I’ve been selected to survey one of the very best grassland areas  in the state, Lakehurst NAS.   This photo of me was taken by one of the NJAS research scientist, Kristin Mylecraine, as I was walking out of the field after completing last year’s survey.   Because of the large open fields on either side of their runways, airports and military bases are considered some of the best remaining grassland areas in New Jersey and provides safe harbor for many species that have lost most of their habitat to development and changes in farming techniques. 

 Lakehurst is one of three surveys in which I take part.  I complete grassland surveys on several large farms in northwestern New Jersey and, along with my son, complete a nighttime survey of nightjars (whip-poor-wills, nighthawks) deep in the Pine Barrens.   And I’m planning other activities that’ll keep me outdoors and taking photos throughout the summer, including several guided walks through the pine barrens and a pinelands botany course run by another great organization, the Pineland Preservation Alliance.  

Finally, thanks to those of you in my new discussion group that have stopped by.  I’m going to spend some of this very rainy weekend catching up on your blogs and placing links on mine.  Happy Spring!!

11 thoughts on “Spring is on the way!”

  1. I am loving all that green, it makes me realize spring is almost here! I am looking forward to your new bird pics….I always enjoy those!

  2. Glad you are feeling better and are going to enjoy some spring bird-watching, Greg! That is really interesting about how many species live around the NAS. Can’t wait to see what all you capture (with the camera!).

  3. Greg,
    Glad the cold is better, they can take a toll and overwhelm even the most enthusiastic folks. The spring will be all the more magnificent because of this winter. I know that I will take much less for granted. And Kristen’s photo just proves that – (Wait for it)- you are out standing in a field.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I know what you mean about being glad to see spring. I can’t wait until it start warming up here. The survey sounds like such a fun thing to do! I’m a science nut and that sounds like something I’d love too!

  5. We have had a wet winter….which is only our ‘usual’ rainfall. Our recent drought years made this winter seem unusual. Everything is growing wildly…my roses are already in bloom.

    Keep well!

  6. Hi Greg,
    Beautiful place to be standing. Looks very nice from where I’m sitting. Seeing as it’s cold and rainy today. There’s even frost on the ground. Have a great day!


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