Catching Up

Laurel Hill Cemetery

I’ve been trying to get caught up with everyone’s blog entries (almost half way there) and my apologies for falling behind!  It seems that February has been screaming by as snow storms and work have invaded the time I usually set aside for photography and fun.  I haven’t raised a camera to my eye since my day out in Philly with Mohamed and, believe me, I’m really beginning to miss it.  Speaking of Mohamed, he loved reading all the wonderful and thoughtful comments (as did I) about his Flickr page.  He had hoped to post some photos taken during our day out but, alas, his camera malfunctioned and a light leak destroyed most of the images.  An enormous loss, no doubt!

This is one of several images I took at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia.  Except for editing to a web-friendly size and adding a signature layer, this photo is straight out of the camera.  The lion rests atop the tomb of Robert Patterson, U.S. Army General who fought during the Mexican-American War and U.S. Civil War.  Established in the 1830’s, Laurel Hill Cemetery  is the final resting place for several of Philadelphia’s most famous residents and has been designated as National Historic Landmark.  Mohamed and I spent only a few hours exploring this incredible place and I plan to return as soon as warmer weather arrives.

10 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Take your time playing catch up and drop the guilt, we all do what we can and no more or less. Shame about Mohameds camera he must be devestated. A lion monument to his loss seems the least you can offer – Fitting.

  2. Love your perspective on this, looking up to the lion makes it very powerful and almost makes him feel like a protector to the cemetery! Great picture!

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