Photography with a Friend

Mohamed Flites



Early last week I blogged about my weekend trip to Philadelphia, closing out January with a story and photo of a wonderful philly cheese steak from Pat’s.   Philadelphia is becoming a favorite photo destination for me, in no small part due to my friend and fellow photographer, Mohamed Flites. 

Mohamed, pictured here striking a “preying mantis” pose before a video display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, was a resident of Philadelphia for several years and knows the city very well.  We’re co-workers who for months engaged in small talk and brief conversations.  It was a mutual acquaintance who pointed out our mutual interest in photography, though our subject matter and approach to taking photographs are almost completely different in every way. 

Mohamed Flites

Where I enjoy nature and travel photography, spending my days tramping along pine barrens trails, bird-watching, or searching with my wife for lighthouses or other points of interest, Mohamed enjoys taking of photos of people and scenes he encounters while roaming inner-city streets, visiting art museums, or civil war battlegrounds.  And while I tend toward digital photography, shooting my subjects almost exclusively in color, Mohamed shots film, mostly black & white.  Where my subjects are literal and straight forward, his are creative and interpretive. 

And so we have struck up a friendship that has included photo safaris to locations as diverse as the streets of south Philly to hiking nature trails along the salt marshes of south Jersey.   Along the way we’re getting to know a lot more about each other and, I think, we’re creatively pushing each other out of our comfort zones and into areas of photography that neither of us would have likely ventured alone. 

Mohamed maintains a wonderful Flickr site, under the screen name tamesguida1965, where you can see examples of his photography and learn a little more about his other main interest, the American Civil War.  Mohamed’s work was featured in a recent news article through our employer’s website and on a photo blog and news website after a chance encounter with another Philly street photographer.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

By the way, here is a photo of that Philadelphia Museum of Art video display, a cartoon image of hands re-arranging furniture in a doll house taken from the perspective of the viewer.  No…I don’t get it…but remember I tend toward literal and straight-forward subjects!

8 thoughts on “Photography with a Friend”

  1. Isn’t it fun to have a friend to share your interests with….and even more fun when they push you to try different and new techniques…I bookmarked your friends site so I could look when i have some time!

  2. Great story and I looked at your friend’s site. Really great shots, I like his style, the people, the black and white and especially one with the cat’s paw and some decorative wrought iron. I went to some galleries in NYC and there were so many photos and pieces of art that made no sense to me whatever. I guess all of us have our heads in different places. You two likely compliment each other in photographic contrasts as well as friendship.

  3. Thanks Greg, masterfully written, and so interesting, Highlighting but not comparing the differences won me over fully. Must be great to find a sounding board to bounce things off who doesn;t present a flat surface with predictable returns, and I guess you do the same for him. Keep this type of thing coming, great insights for us all.

  4. Wonderful story. . . it makes the photos mean so much more to know this history behind the scenes and the photographers. I really enjoy reading about your travels and photography. (Tell Mohamed I love his praying mantis :))

  5. This was a real pleasure to read, Greg. Thanks for sharing your friendship with us. I found his story in the newsletter inspiring and the photography on the website even more so. I think he should start his own blog and join us!

  6. Greg, and all the wonderful people who commented on this blog entry:
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you kind words. I hope together we will create beutiful and lasting pictures that depict the beautifil world we live in.
    My appreciation and gratitude and enjoyement of Greg’s friendship and kindness will always remain locked in wordlessness. 🙂

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