The morning started like any other day. The little boy and Big Bird had breakfast of cereal, milk, and toast.  After breakfast, they were playing catch and watching TV when, suddenly, the family dog picked up Big Bird and ran across the room.  The little boy tried to save Big Bird, but not until Big Bird’s side was torn open.  Oh no!  Thank goodness Papa was able to sew Big Bird up and kept his insides in and the outsides out.  After Papa finished sewing his side, Big Bird sat in his favorite chair, thinking about his long, busy day.

8 thoughts on “Meditative”

  1. Awwww…………he really did have a big adventure today! Glad you got there in time to avert a big, feather-filled disaster. Great shot of the big guy and a sweet story, too….

  2. Oh nooooooo…..poor big bird had to get stitches?? That used to happen quite often to the boy’s pokemon friends – how sad! i hope both Big Bird and the boy got a popsycle for all of their pain! 🙂 Too cute of image and story!

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