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I haven’t been able to locate this type of moss in my field guides, yet.  I found it in several locations around Whitesbog, the first time I had noticed such brightly colored moss this time of the year.  Okay, it’s not bright PINK, but on a cold January day, I’ll take it!

9 thoughts on “Pink”

  1. Very pretty, even if not pink. I like that you caught the fallen pine needles too – sometimes I’m tempted to remove things like that for a cleaner look, but they enhance your shot.

  2. I’d take that pink in any winter (or any other) month….wow, this is really beautiful..I wish my winters were full of color like yours!

  3. Greg look like Sphagnum capillifolium
    Red bog-moss ??
    Spitzblättriges Torfmoos
    found mostly in the north WV. PA, OH, MD, VA and up into Canada and across to the west in the northern part of the states.

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