Pine Barrens Treefrogs

Colliers Mills WMA, NJ

During the spring I participate in several bird population studies, managed by the wonderful folks in New Jersey Audubon Society’s Citizen Science program.   To accomplish one of these studies, I drive about 10 miles on sandy dirt roads through the Pine Barrens, after dark, stopping every mile to listen for and count Whip-poor-wills.   At a couple locations I also hear Pine Barrens Treefrogs singing away in the dark.  One of my personal challenges this year is to capture a photographic image of these amazing little frogs.  Here is a really cool video, featured on a nature photography blog, of several Pine Barrens Treefrogs found in North Carolina.

11 thoughts on “Pine Barrens Treefrogs”

  1. What a very pretty shot, Greg. My eye is taken from front to back by the lines of the road and soothed by the soft “s” curve too. I also enjoyed the little video of this neat little tree frog. (That is my heart’s desire camera, by the way!)

  2. Very cool video! Love this shot – love how the road leads us through your descriptions, I can almost imagine being there! Along w/ seeing the beautiful views, I can almost hear those singing frogs! 🙂

    1. I enjoy the pine barrens more than I can say! It is an amazing experience, in New Jersey, to find a place where you can only hear natural sounds free from the constant hum of traffic. Standing under the moonlight on a dirt road in the pine barren is an incredible experience.

  3. It is a great shot, Greg. I love the sandy road and the shadows across the road.
    I grew up in the piney woods of Alabama, so the video was very interesting to me. The frogs are still alive and well there and I hear them when I visit my mother. They can get very, very loud on warm spring nights. In all of my life, I have never seen one of those frogs, let alone gotten close enough to photograph one. Please let me know how you do this.

  4. I love the lines following the direction of the road..and then the shadows falling across the road at right angles…very beautiful.
    The frogs are adorable…please find some and share the photos with us!

  5. Frogs are great… Both the Frog and the Road pic’s are great. I agree with everyone.
    One night a friend said: come out and hear these birds outside and I did.
    The sounds were not birds, It was Frogs…..LOL

  6. What an inviting image! I guess I’ve been aware that the Pine Barrens exist but it makes me so glad to know how well loved and protected they are. The video is so fine, thanks for sharing it. Here (Western WA.) the pacific tree frog (maybe renamed to chorus frog) seems to be ok. In fact since El Nino seems to be in control and it is warmer than norm here I’ve been hearing their tentative peeps once it gets to 50. They pose/freeze once you find one…

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