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The bogs at Whitesbog have been flooded to protect cranberry plants against the cold.  Unlike most years, though, the bogs have frozen over, creating some interesting winter images.

8 thoughts on “Cold”

  1. I hope they survive this hard winter! I hate seeing this, but wow, what an interesting image this makes, the plant growing right out of that rough textured ice, they don’t just look cold – they look freezing cold! 🙂

  2. Great image and thanks for explaining what it is. I wasn’t aware that cranberry bogs had to be flooded.

    I really like the diagonal lines formed by the plants’ stalks and the toning is beautiful.

  3. I think this shot is very interesting. I’ll have to go looking at the local Cranberry Bogs here on Long Island and take a few shots. It does indeed look cold. Did you convert to Black and White? I thought I saw some tonal colors in the stems .

  4. What an interesting shot. I love the texture and the light. Brrr it does make me feel cold. We dont get anything like that here plus we are in the middle of our summer. Hot Hot Hot. For a cold shot I am thinking of taking a photo of inside the freezer!

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