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I took advantage of the beautiful weather and hiked through Whitesbog Village today.  Whitesbog is considered the birthplace of commercial cultivation of  blueberries and parts of this historic village have been restored, including several of the field worker’s houses.   These houses have white windows set in weathered cedar clapboard siding, and the sunny day allowed me to catch some wonderful reflections.

11 thoughts on “Window”

  1. That is a great reflection in the window Greg. The off center window and the curtain location makes the shot for me. Now you`re not going to throw that baseball at the window are you??

  2. What a wonderful happenstance to find that reflection. At first look I thought that you had combined two images and put the reflection in from another photo. The copper edge on the top of the window complements the fall colors of the trees.

  3. Beautiful composition Greg. Love the boards and the white frame, and as Esther mentioned..the strip at the top is like icing on the cake.
    The reflection is so beautiful..and that the curtain seems to have none of it in front so it is crisp and clear itself, beautiful. It’s almost like the scene is INSIDE the room.

  4. The simplicity of this image makes it…the texture of the house itself combined w/ that cheerful window full of those delightful reflections – what a find! This is absolutely wonderful!

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