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Lichens are incredible symbiotic organisms, composed of  fungi, algea, and cyanobacteria.  In lichen, the dominate partner is a fungus, unable to produce its own food, that has cultivated a relationship with food-producing algea and cyanobacteria.  There are thousands of species of lichen in a variety sizes, shapes, colors, and textures.  I find them facinating because they can grow in the most marginal of habitats, including bare stone, and make interesting photographic subjects.  I found these while hiking in Whitesbog.

12 thoughts on “Texture”

  1. I am also fascinated by these too, all of the different colors and that spongy texture always draws me in! Nice!

  2. I always look for the lichen when I walk through the woods. I have seen cool ones when I was younger and wasn’t so into photography. Great job on these, love their textures.

  3. Great texture! I am so glad you included some background. I was a science major in college and I find this so fascinating. Thanks for sharing the photo and the info!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m sort of a frustrated field scientist myself, discovering too late in life what I really enjoyed to change course. Glad you enjoyed the photo and info!

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