Masculine (or Crazy)

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I took this photo in part because I had never seen anyone ice fishing in New Jersey before this weekend.  Years ago, when I was living first in upstate New York and then Vermont, ice fishing was a popular sport among those crazy enough to sit on the ice for hours at a time (I suppose alcohol was involved…it would certainly have to be for me).  I am no chauvinist but I don’t ever remember seeing a woman out ice fishing, proof positive in my mind of their superior intellect!  We’ve had a very cold winter so far, one of the coldest in years, and I spotted this fellow out on the ice of Turnmill Pond at Colliers Mills as I finished up my day of hiking.   Ice fishing in southern New Jersey…amazing!

11 thoughts on “Masculine (or Crazy)”

  1. Such a cool photo of a lone fisherman! I hear in Minnesota that ice fishing is practically a cult!! 🙂 They evidently have houses on skis that go out on the ice and have heaters and everything. I don’t think I want fish that bad! Anyway, I like the vastness of the lake with just the one lone soul. Nice work!

  2. LOL Ron……I would never do it. The first little creak or crack I heard on that ice and it would be done for me. No fish could taste that good. I like the detail of the ice and the lack of detail on the idiot on the ice. Great shot.

  3. Brrrrrrrrrr….we have been seeing these ice fishermen popping up all over here in Nebraska, it has to be a man thing, I don’t know what is fun about sitting out in the cold on ice w/ a fishing pole! Fun picture!!

  4. I guess times are tough enough to forage for your own food! I’m with Terri, one creak and I’d be history also! I love the composition here and the details & texture in the ice. Great shot!

  5. Most be a guy thing – I can’t imagine sitting out there in the cold and trying to catch a fish. I do remember being in Vermont and seeing little shacks on the ice. Nice job.

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