More Adventures in Photoshop CS4

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As I was finishing up with my first round of online CS4 classes, we began to explore ways to restore and repair old images.  I’m really interested in this ability as my long range plans include scanning many of the old photos collected by my parents over the years, restore them, and publish a collection for my brothers and sisters.  

 After finishing the class, I began experimenting on this photo – an undated image sent by a former high school teacher of a parade float used to represent a school for kids living in Miflin, West Virginia; a coal camp located about 2 miles from my childhood home town.  Miflin still exists, but Miflin Grade School has long since disappeared into the mists of time.

click on image for larger view

Here is my first attempt at correcting and enhancing the original scanned image.    I utilized spot healing and healing brush tools, clone stamp, history brush, burning and dodging,  adjusted shadows and highlights, hue and saturation, and sharpening.  Once my processing was completed, I utilized the elliptical marquee tool to create a vignette and increased the canvas size to create a frame.

Fun stuff – it almost takes longer to type it out than to do it!  Constructive comments are welcome!

5 thoughts on “More Adventures in Photoshop CS4”

  1. You better watch out….you will soon be a photoshop junkie…it’s easy to get hooked! With that being said, what a great first attempt…I would guess you have been re touching for a while, really nice work!

  2. Now, there’s something I don’t have the patience for. It’s a good skill to develop and would really help you learn the ins and outs of CS4. I must say I love the original photo with all its crinkles but can see you’ve done a nice job restoring. I do wish that the vignette revealed a bit more of the background to set the stage for the vehicle.

  3. You did do well, especially on the cracks. I’d like to see the vignette fade away more gently, maybe reduce the opacity or blur the heck out of the mask. What a cool decorated car!

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