Archways are important architectual elements on the university’s campus and are employed to frame a particular building or area.  I’ve noticed this view numerous times while walking across campus to meetings or other functions, and our recent snow made for a beautiful winter scene.  (Click on the image to see a larger size.)

14 thoughts on “Arc”

  1. WOW! I love how this arc provides a natural frame for that sensational building. It has to be enlarged to fully enjoy this image’s real beauty! The details and colors in this are fabulous! Gorgeous image!

  2. I like the scene within a scene here and it makes me wish for a closer view of the building beyond. Like Ron, I’m glad your composition includes the lone passerby, who adds a lot of interest. I think I’d like to see the shadowed area inside the archway darker and with a little more contrast as it might give it more depth. (Hope you don’t mind the comment.)

    1. Julie, et al…thank you for the comments…this is exactly what I am looking for, as I experiment with composition, lighting, and processing. I actually stuggled with how much shadow to leave in, so your comments are spot on! Thank you!!

  3. A great image with the tunnel leading into a wonderful scene. The contrast between the dark walls and the bright blue sky is great. The lone passerby is great and it really give a sense of scale to the photo. I also like the reflections in the damp street. Wonderful.

  4. A lovely image–it has something of a fairy tale quality about it. That one pilgrim passing through the portal seems to be someone about to embark on an adventure.

  5. The one thing I do like when it is snowing is the quiet it brings to the world. This image captures that for me. The quiet is on the the other side where the perosn is walking.

  6. At first I thought it was a mural to…then I read your text and enlarged the photo and realised it is a real building…WOW …what a beautiful photo.

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