Getting Back Into the Mix

December 2009 Snow

My 2009 closed out with a big snow storm and more than a few unfinished projects.  My attempts at completing the 365 Photos in 2009 came up well short of the 365 photos I should have posted.  Still, I had fun and learned a few things along the way.  I visited the web sites of photographers from all over the world, enjoyed viewing their photos (even if I didn’t comment each time!) and learned a little about places that I may never have a chance to visit in person. 

I’ve decided to throw my virtual hat into the ring again and will participate in the 2010 Virtual PhotoWalk.  I’m looking forward to re-establishing my photography routines (which sadly have taken a back seat to so many other projects) and the links with the photographers who make the 2009 challenge so much fun!

Oh yeah.. the photo…this is my deck after the nor’easter of December 2009 that struck the eastern U.S. seaboard.  My part of New Jersey got about 2 feet of snow during the storm, one of the biggest snowfalls that I can recall since moving here 25 years ago!

15 thoughts on “Getting Back Into the Mix”

  1. Welcome back Greg. It’s a great group with have going here! Looks like you’re up to the chin in snow! Also, looks like a nice one for the Cold Theme.

    1. Thanks Sheila! I was checking out your site…looks like you got some snow too! My photo is from 2009 so I couldn’t use it for theme. The way this season seems to be going, I’ll have plenty of opportunities for other shots!

      1. I’m up in Massachusetts and we’ve had nothing but snow for the last 3 days!!!! I’m ready for some sun — I’ve had an awful cold since the day before Christmas and it’s got to let go soon! Again welcome back and I look forward to seeing everyone’s progression. It’s nice not to have the pressure of doing one every day.

    1. Hello Ron!! Hopefully I can keep my feet under me this time and put up some photos worth looking at. I was looking at your site earlier…good to be back!

    1. Hey’s good to be back and I’m looking forward to a much more productive and photographic year! Thank you and your co-conspirators for all your hard work pulling this challenge together!

  2. Hi Greg, I’m also in group “A”. We here on Long Island got around 28″ last week. My deck looked just like yours. Looking forward to seeing more in 2010. Great shot of the snow.

  3. Hi Greg,
    Thankfully, we don’t get snow here at all! Those big, fluffy mounds on your patio look white and lovely but I am glad they are not here :). Great photo of the snow and I am so glad for your commentary. I love hearing about the experiences of others. Glad you are in (A)wesome group!

  4. Nice work, Greg.
    I’m glad you’re back. I like the texture, the color and quite mood of the snow. Looking forward to getting together sometime soon to take some pictures.

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