No Themes Today – But a Great Photo Website

Wow…where or where did my summer go?  Well, between multiple computer crashes, new operating systems (that won’t download photos from my camera), learning new photo software, and importing thousands of photos and snapshots onto my new back-up external drive, I sort of got lost in the mechanics of it all.  That’s not to say that I haven’t done any photography.  But I haven’t spent much time processing my new photos or (obviously) posting on my blog.   I’m still reading though, and there’s a great new nature photography slide show on the Nature Conservancy’s website.    And “thank you” for everyone that still checks my blog from time to time.  More stuff is on the way, I promise!!

2 thoughts on “No Themes Today – But a Great Photo Website”

  1. I also have done that just wanted to say hi and that it is good to hear from you, can’t wait for when your able to post again. Great.

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