My Photos Saved – USB 2.0 to IDE or Serial ATA Drive Adapter – Cables To Go

I was pretty upset when my computer failed, taking a couple months worth of photos with it.   Fortunately, my brother (a self described computer geek) told me about a cable adapter that would allow me to read information from the old hard drive, if it was still functional.  I bought the cable, hooked the old hard drive to my new computer, crossed my fingers, and hoped.  Within a couple minutes, my computer was downloading all my old files!!  I don’t normally advertise for vendors, but this cable is worth knowing about.

USB 2.0 to IDE or Serial ATA Drive Adapter – Cables To Go



6 thoughts on “My Photos Saved – USB 2.0 to IDE or Serial ATA Drive Adapter – Cables To Go”

  1. Celebrations and Jubilations, Greg done got his DATA back, that is definitely worth a hoola, for the provider and could save the rest of us – Well Done both you and your Brother Geek – that denotes a religous order doesn’t it.

  2. My computer failed also. Computer prompt said it was a totally destroyed hard drive. But thankfully, I had purchased a 750g external drive only a couple of months earlier. All of My Documents (with photos) were on the external drive. BUT, I had a receipt in my old computer that was worth almost $100.00 in refund that had not been returned yet. I needed that before I could complain. My son, a computer geek, told me (via phone) how to boot up the old computer in safe mode to get the receipt. At first it would not go into my e-mail program where I had the receipt. Yet, I persevered, found a way and finally managed to get the file. Then one afternoon, before my new computer arrived, I booted it up because I had discovered card games that DH loves could be accessed. I forgot to stay with it to get it into safe mode, and it booted up completely like it should have before the crash! It was very slow and some of the programs were not dependable, but it did work! I didn’t need a cord. Still, this information is great to know if it ever happens again. See my new computer at my site, under June’s post. It will be post “#62 Computer” posted June 27. It is taking me some while to get everything loaded back in because I’ve had other obligations. I was appointed official photographer for our GOP Party (Fund raiser) last Friday night. I’ve been working night and day on those photos. To see a sample of some of my photos:

  3. Should you ever find that your hard drive has failed and using the cable won’t allow you to retrieve your files, don’t give up! Depending on the kind of failure all hope may not be lost, there are hard drive recovery programs and services that may still be able to help.

    Anywho, glad it worked out for you and welcome back!

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