If a hard drive crashes….does the computer owner make a sound?

Hello folks,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (well, the first full day of summer, anyway).  The last few weeks have been busy..my birding surveys have taken several weekend days to complete and weeknights for paperwork.   Softball and soccer seasons consumed nights and weekends too! 

My wife and I became grand-parents for the third time!  Our new grand-daughter (Ryleigh Madison) arrived safe and sound (mostly) a couple weeks ago.  The “mostly” sound was due to a fractured shoulder apparently suffered during delivery.  She’s spent the first couple weeks of her life with her shirt sleeve pinned down.  The docs didn’t want her to raise her arm over her head, but that restriction should be lifted today!

A bit of bad news though and a cautionary tale for everyone.  My computer’s hard drive crashed late last week and while I am usually very good about backing up important documents and photos on CD, I really didn’t get around to it for the last month.  Only by special request had I made a CD of the birth photos of my grand-daughter, and had made no copies at all of my last several photo sessions (some of which would have eventually ended up here).  After several phone calls I’ve learned that it is very, very expensive to attempt data recovery from a crashed hard drive.  So, while I am out shopping for a replacement, I’ll also be shopping for one of those external hard drives with software that automatically backs-up your files.  In my defense (and a feable one at that), this is the the first time EVER that I have gone through a hard drive failure.   My brother the self-described computer geek had warned me several times that back up systems are a must.  As of this morning, I couldn’t agree more!

8 thoughts on “If a hard drive crashes….does the computer owner make a sound?”

  1. First of all congrats on the new grand baby, I also have a niece who is a Rylee Madison. Different spelling but how funny! So sorry to hear about your hard drive! Thank goodness my hubby is a computer guru and backs my stuff up for me nightly – I guess I have to keep him LOL! Hope you get your computer up and running soon – I miss your images and am dying to see that new baby!

  2. Congratulations on your new gradaughter!! That is great news. Thanksully you still have her photographs. I’m sorry about your computer crash and loss of photographs. Hopefully, you will be up and running soon with a nice new computer and EHD.

  3. I repeat the congrats listed above but with regard to the question posed, I think it is more a case of “If a Hard Drive crashes in the Den, does Sting give a damn?” Looking forward to more posts and images.

  4. What an exciting time in your family. I hope the little one is soon able to swing her arms around wildly like an infant should!

    Sorry to hear about your hard drive failure and hope you’ll be back to posting photos shortly.

  5. Well, firstly, CONGRATULATION Grandpa & Grandma! Sorry about Ryleigh’s shoulder though. FYI….Costco is selling hard drives with TERA-BYTES for almost as mush as one with 500 mega-bites.
    Someone told me I could fit the entire Library of Congress on it! lol (I’m sure it’s an exaggeration) but it does hold a HUGE amount!
    Just something you may want to think about! Good Luck

  6. Congratulations on the new baby! Bummer on the hard drive, however.

    I’ve found that it helps to have a backup for the backup, too. I had a hard drive, second internal hard drive for images, and an external backup drive. My second internal drive went belly-up, but fortunately I had backed everything up to the external drive. And, I try to copy everything to data DVDs occasionally, too. I use Second Copy for my backup software – it basically just copies new files in folders that I specify automatically overnight while I’m sleeping.

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