Snooze Patrol

Hey Folks…yep, my blog has been on snooze patrol the last several days, and probably will remain so for the next couple weeks.  My weekends (and most weeknights) are totally booked right now with birding surveys, soccer, and softball.  I’ll try to post from time to time and visit your blogs too, but probably won’t make any real headway for several days.

I hope you’re all enjoying the early Spring weather as much as I am!! 


6 thoughts on “Snooze Patrol”

  1. You’re about right on target with the rest of us, Greg! My posting and comments have become more erratic as the year progresses.

    The Spring weather has been marvelous!

  2. Won’t you be tired PLAYING all those sports, Old Chap?? He He, Have a fun break, and a wonderful time.

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