Not much photography this weekend

Great Egret
Great Egret

The weather forecast is crummy (rain, showers, thunderstorms, more rain) and even if it clears (and I really hope it does) I have tons of non-photography things to get done this weekend. 

I was sifting through some of the photography related websites I’ve book marked over the years and stumbled across this fellow.  Dick Hutchinson loves to photograph the Aurora Borealis, or Nothern Lights.  He lives just a few miles south of the Arctic Circle in Circle, Alaska and apparently has had numerous opportunities to take some awe inspiring photos.  Check out his website.

I took this photo last year while driving around the wildlife loop at the Edwin Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.  Formerly known as the Brigantine NWR, the area is still referred to simply as “Brig” by most regulars.  I captured this Great Egret about the same time it was enjoying a little bite to eat.

Have a great weekend folks!

2 thoughts on “Not much photography this weekend”

  1. Greg, thanks so much for the link to Dick Hutchinson’s page. His photos are simply fantastic. Even the poor Aurora display I’ve seen in couple times here in Ottawa is mesmerizing. I can’t imagine witnessing the displays he sees…

    It’s interesting that he resisted digital until 2006…

  2. This egret is magnificent! So sculptural and seemingly full himself having caught that fish! Great shot!
    Also, thanks for the link, those photos are amazing as well.

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