Theme 163 – Kids These Days

Batter Up!
Batter Up!

Well, well.  I finally finished painting my the rest of the house looks like it needs a fresh coat of paint…sigh….

Painting will have to wait, though.  Spring is in full swing – literally – around here.  When I was growing up, a day at a little league game meant the boys played and everybody else watched.  Thank goodness times have changed.   These days I go to the ball park to watch my granddaughter play!  Here she is – waiting patiently for the next pitch.  She’s playing in her second season and, with two games and practice each week, is really busy.   I thought my weekends would free up a bit when painting was done, but with grandkids sports (my grandson is playing his first season of soccer) and bird population studies I may be busier than ever!

5 thoughts on “Theme 163 – Kids These Days”

  1. And as the kids get older it just keeps getting worse – get used to it! LOL Seems like we are never home! Super picture though – looks like she is ready to hit a home run!

  2. Sounds like you have found that life doesn’t stop just cause the jobs are finished, welcome to the rest of your life, Love the kinetic energy of this shot, like a coiled spring just awaiting release.

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