Theme 43 – Celestial Bodies

Moon ove Allaire State Park
Moon over Allaire State Park

Once again, I am slowly getting caught up on all the wonderful photos on the 365 blogs.  If I haven’t commented on your photos lately, please be patient. I’ve just discovered Google Reader and with it’s help,  I’m working my way through everyones blog!  I’m sitting here covered in spackle dust and fresh paint, waiting for the latest coat to dry.  Almost done…a little touch up and that’s it!  Yesterday, with temperatures in the 70’s,  the weather was too lovely stay indoors and paint, so I headed over to a local park for some hiking, birding and photography.  Walking through the pines, I noticed the moon was still high and looked great against the blue sky.  I wasn’t sure how the photo would work out, but I’m pretty pleased with the result.  Ahhh…back to painting!

14 thoughts on “Theme 43 – Celestial Bodies”

  1. Well I’m sure how the photo worked out…it’s fabulous!! Beautifully done in every way. Hope your painting is done soon.

  2. The photo turned out beautifully. You should be pleased with it! I love the blurred foreground and the sharp moon in the sky. Lovely.

  3. Isn’t it funny how one can get a good moon shot during the day, but not at night? Recently I took a day shot and turned it into night! Nice composition you found here….keep up the painting and soon you will be done.

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