Theme 166 – Larger Than Life

Lucy the Elephant
Lucy the Elephant

Well, it happened again!  I got busy with stuff and my blog goes wanting!  The good news is my room is almost painted (I hope to be done this weekend) and I’ve been learning a lot about the birding surveys that I’ll participate in this year.   Several early spring migrants have arrived and, with a little luck, I may get a photo or two tomorrow.

This is Lucy the Elephant and I’m pretty sure she is much larger than life.  At six stories tall, Lucy has been drawing visitors to the Jersey Shore since the 1880’s.  Built in South Atlantic City, now known as Margate, Lucy is listed as a National Historic Landmark.  Incredibly, Lucy was scheduled for demolition in the 1960’s and would have been lost forever if not for a heroic “Save Lucy” campaign by local residents Josephine Harron and Sylvia Carpenter, who went door to door raising funds to save her.

I’ve been living here in New Jersey for over two decades, but made it to Margate with my wife and grandkids only yesterday to see Lucy.  We took the tour, walked around inside, and climbed the stairs to look out over Margate from her back.  If you ever make it Atlantic City and get tired of giving all your money to the casino, take a ride south to Margate and visit Lucy.  You can’t miss her…remember..she’s SIX STORIES TALL!

14 thoughts on “Theme 166 – Larger Than Life”

  1. Welcome back Greg, missed ya. Couldn’t miss Lucy though she is Ginomous, we must be Neighbors as Margate (Qld) is just down the road and I have never seen Lucy there. LOL

  2. She is adorable. It almost looks like she is made with Legos. It was worth the trip to get this great photograph and spend a nice day with you wife and grandchildren.

  3. I want to go see Lucy!!!!!! Very cool shot, Greg, which is really a throwback to the days when driving trips and roadside attractions were the stuff of summer for most families.

  4. Wow! Larger than life is right!! Funny how the photo ops that were there all along but overlooked seem so obvious now, huh? Well done!

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