Theme 359 – Wheels


Not being very mechanically inclined, I marvel at the designs of antique machinery.  Seems like every little bolt and thing-of-a-bob has a very specific and important purpose and the whole thing would collapse if any one of them was removed.  I took this photo of a steam engine’s wheels while strolling through the train museum a few weeks ago.  The trains weren’t running and it gave me time to enjoy looking over their designs.

15 thoughts on “Theme 359 – Wheels”

  1. What a great composition – love all of the repeating patterns and the defined lines! Nice eye for seeing this!!

  2. It’s rare that one can see the train wheels from this perspective. You did a fabulous job on this photograph.

  3. My hubby really likes trains, so we get to see a lot of them when we travel. You are right – the mechanics are interesting. Nice photo.

  4. This is funny because I went to a train museum to take a picture of the wheels but it was closed for the season. Opens up next week. Nice shot.

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