Theme 58 – Coin Operated

Pay Phone
Pay Phone

For some of the younger bloggers, I could have almost used this for the “what is it” theme!  This is a PAY PHONE.  In the old days, a person would put coins into the tiny slot at the top left corner of the phone.  These coins would activate the phone and the person could then call another person and talk for a very short period of time, about enough time to say “wa sup”!   Actually, I found this pay phone just outside the visitor’s center in the Smokies.  Cell phone service is very spotty throughout the park and pay phones can still be found at various points along the routes.  I couldn’t resist snapping a quick photo….no telling when I might find another one!

16 thoughts on “Theme 58 – Coin Operated”

  1. You are so right! Sometime last year we needed one of these and it was not to be found. Remember when a call was just a dime (though I usually called home collect). Great choice.

  2. Haha – I love your commentary. And the photo is so sharp – I can read all the instructions:0

    (and 50 cents is pricey – I remember when it was a dime!)

  3. Very creative, I actually thought of taking a picture of one of these for ‘antique’. Probably will. I never see phones in any of the booths here in NC. The booth is there, but no phone! I actually backed into one of these a couple of years ago and wondered where it came from and who used it.

  4. And to find one not Vandalized, I wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket, you must have used all your luck to get that Great Theme Shot.

  5. Love your description – “in the old days” LOL!! Who would have thought those would become so obsolete in such a short period of time (eons) Ha! Great image for the theme!!

  6. You are soo right! I don’t think I’ve seen one in a very long time. The few pay phones around now are mainly card operated. Great shot!

  7. Hahahahaha. I was at a friend’s daughter’s graduation and one of the daughters friends wanted to use the phone. They have a rotary phone. The young lady didn’t know how to use it. She kept pressing the numbers in the holes but nothing happened.

  8. I remember that Daddy was always sure that I had change in my purse in case I needed to use the pay phone to call home. Great shot.

  9. When my wife and I would go camping I carried a whole plastic soup container of change for the phone. We finally got a cell phone last year. Now I would be lost without it. Good take on this theme.

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