Theme 230 – Peaks or Valleys

Smoky Mountains
Smoky Mountains

I took this photo a couple weeks ago while driving with my folks through Smoky Mountain National Park, on our way to Cherokee, NC.  There are several spots along the road to stop and enjoy the views, and you can actually see a part of the road leading up through the valley below.  The Smokies are really grand and, when the air is clear, can offer some of the most impressive sights you’ll find anywhere in the Appalachian Mountains.

9 thoughts on “Theme 230 – Peaks or Valleys”

  1. The scene is reminiscent of the western slopes of the Blue Mountains in Northern new South Wales. Great Shot.

  2. Nice overview! Good composition. Except for the evergreens. looks a lot like the Ozarks where I now live. Well, at least we live in the foothills. Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. @Julie – The mountains are often foggy or shrouded in clouds. The clouds rising in the morning air look like smoke….hence the name.

  4. now ya got me breaking into song: Ronny Milsap’s Smoky Mountain Rain! hehehe (was popular with the adults around me during my childhood!)

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