Theme 148 – Historic

Historic Marker
Historic Marker

The great westward migration of people into the frontier of early United States started, in no small part, through Cumberland Gap.  Located at the junction of present day Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia, the mountain gap was well known by Native Americans, who followed the annual migrations of big game animals (like bison).  When Daniel Boone blazed the Wilderness Road through the Gap it opened the continent’s interior for migration and settlement by early colonists.

Cumberland Gap Tennessee
Cumberland Gap Tennessee

The modern day village of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee sits at the eastern end of the Gap.  This is a photo taken from the overlook, about 1400 feet above the town.  Not long ago, an highway also ran through the Gap.  In the late 1990’s, a tunnel was constructed to allow the road to by-pass this history area.  The landscaping has since been restored to conditions similar to those found in the early 1800’s and the entire area is now part of Cumberland Gap National Park.

8 thoughts on “Theme 148 – Historic”

  1. I love your world, Greg, you sure live in a beautiful part of the US! Love the perspective looking down on Cumberland Gap – how cool is that!

  2. The road southwest from Brisbane, Australia is called the Cumberland Highway and it passes through the Cumberland Gorge. A really nasty piece of road for trucks not using low gear for the descent.

    Lord cumberland must have been the Lord of Gaps.

  3. Oh the places I get to see via the challenge that I wouldn’t otherwise!!! Awesome! …and I love the idea of the tunnel to preserve the area.

  4. One of my “weaknesses” is forever wanting to know how this ‘ole world is laid out via maps and photos. Since I’ve not been able to travel the world, I am thrilled to be able to “visit” this area via your photos and to have a little bit of narrative as icing on the cake. My interest in how the mountains, lakes and valleys lay brings my passion for photographing landscapes. I appreciate that value when others bring it to me.

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